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Alamo Heights United Methodist Church
San Antonio, TX 78209

   Troop 59 is the oldest troop in the city of San Antonio, continuously chartered for over 85 years. Throughout that time Troop 59 has maintained some of the highest standards in camping, scout skills, and high adventure. Our purpose is to provide today's youth with a fun-filled organization that promotes personal discipline, a sense of responsibility and accountability to others, and the development of leadership skills. We offer some of the best youth leadership training that scouting has to offer by allowing the Scouts to run the troop, which encourages the development of essential leadership skills, as well as create a sense of ownership within the Troop. The adult leadership is still available to assist the Scouts in the operation of their troop, but the troop is truly run by the Scouts. To this end, Troop 59 produces several Eagle Scouts each year.

   This website, and the pages therein, are meant to educate the public about the experiences, leadership, and values scouting has to offer, to recruit potential scouts and scouters, to attract currently active scouts who have moved to the San Antonio / Alamo Heights area, and to serve as a reference and forum for our own membership.

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